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Creating web marketing tools for your business is my expertise. With so many complicated steps involved in setting up your online business, my expansive knowledge in the areas listed below provides a marketplace of services for all your future web marketing needs.
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Web Design

As technology continues to evolve, so do my services. My responsive designs are created to work on multiple device types with a user friendly management dashboard. My responsive designs allow your clients to access your business on any device.

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Graphic Design

Using Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, InDesign, and other great graphics programs, allows me to bring your creative visions to life. From logos to advertisements, my graphic design services will help you to stand apart from your competition.

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Web Marketing

I can quickly identify your primary audience, and more importantly,……what they want to buy. Utilizing Google Analytics and their endless tool set allows me to investigate the habits of your users as well as the habits of customers in your industry.

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Hosting Services

Our secure online server provides access to all of your files. With countless projects involving hardware upgrades, troubleshooting, and registration documents, I provide these services to my customers.

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made of.” Bruce Lee

We love discussing future projects and will gladly assist you in any way. If you will ever need any of the services listed or would like to inquire about additional services, I am available for Free consultation. Drop me a line below so we can discuss your new business opportunity.

"50% of consumers visit a store within a day of their local search on a smartphone." -Google

Who is Brian Yount

Your Digital Consultant for everything from Web Design, to the technical setup of all your major business components.
Passion, dedication, and a lot of coffee.

I love my job, and am passionate about building future businesses through mastery of the online world.

Aside from my formal education in both graphic design and web development, I have designed thousands of webpages for a variety of businesses.

My business technological expertise

My experience rating (1-100) according to industry standards.

  • 17 Years Experience

  • 17 Years Experience

  • 22 Years Experience

  • 13 Years Experience

Recent Projects

Here are some clients' projects for your review. Each design was developed to showcase the business's strengths, while providing a clear path to their services.

Lynn’s Wig Boutique

Lynn’s Wig Boutique in Bethlehem, PA offers a unique challenge for a small niche market. This new responsive design provides better usability for their customers.
Ideal Telecommunications provides a wide range of services for businesses including security, telephone, and many IT cabling requests.

Principle Faith

Principle Faith is a website designed to promote the Sermons from Reverend Melvin Thomas Jr. and provide a common space for communication.

Artist James Doddy

James Doddy is a legendary painter who’s canvases are packed with amazing illustrated war stories from veterans of battle.

"Nearly 8 out of every 10 consumers would stop engaging with a piece of content if it didn’t display well on the device they were using." -Adobe

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