Viral Marketing Campaign

Clever Guerrilla Marketing

Lets face it.......The internet is a vast space with so much to see and do, you literally have mere milliseconds to catch someones attention. Marketing on the Internet is all about getting your point across the quickest and most effective. If you are selling something, KEY words will get your product sold quicker such as, FREE, IMMEDIATE SHIPPING, etc.
However, the best products on the Internet are FREE! If you offer a service, and want to get it into the marketplace the fastest. There are Millions of Free open community blogs, and forums where you can see just about any topic at any time.
FOR EXAMPLE: If you go onto myspace, they are constantly advertising some upcoming event or promotion. Underneath that promotion is an open forum where people can leave comments. You can leave a quick impactful comment like, THE BEST SALSA MUSIC, and I will promise you, due to the number of traffic that they get on any given day…………through your google analytics (See previous blog entry) you will receive many more hits that day. With millions of these to browse each day, there is no reason why you can’t start raking in those hits, then dollars in no time!
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