The Value of Education

The age old adage of many businessman is that education does nothing but give them a piece of paper.

Having gone back to school at a later age in my life, I could’nt disagree more. Yes it is true that the stoner in the back of the room squeeks through and eventually finds his way into the workforce, but the cutting edge values and knowledge achieved is far more beneficial to a business than those who do not have these skills.
Work experience is irreplacable, no doubt, but the common degree ensures that each student is given an internship which supplements some of the work experience burden.
For those of you thinking of taking advantage of our recent President’s Educational plan, I say do it, before others take your place. There are entirely too many way’s to get your education to avoid it any longer. Yes the piece of paper get’s you in the door, but trust me………the education will put that piece of paper in more doors than you ever had offered before.

1 thought on “The Value of Education

  • I 2 have gone back to school and now struggle to find employment in this ratrace.But wht you said about tools gained I beleive 110%

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