Networking Through Social Media (Facebook)

Social Media Networking 101

Probably one of the most undervalued yet most talked about tool of business!

The buzzword of business and marketing has always been networking. Yet most businessmen stop at shaking hands and handing out business cards along their daily travels.
We live in an intensive electronic age where the Internet is deeply woven into our society. Social Networking sites have taken the world by storm and are making up a larger portion of the daily Internet traffic each and every day, and It’s no wonder. It has long since been proven that Interactivity is the strongest activity that a site can possess. Let’s face it. Would you rather “Choose your own adventure”, or look at static pages and images for you information? Most prefer the interactivity. Sites such as facebook, Bebo, EBay, and the like are where people hang out by the millions, and from a vast ethnic and social landscape. Unless you are handing out business cards at Grand Central Station with $ bills attached to them……you will never gain that type of audience.
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