Web Advertising vs. Traditional methods

Web Advertising vs. Traditional methods

A traditional approach to advertising involves using conventional methods of Print and or audio
and visual selling. Unfortunately this is where the advertising world falls flat.

When was the last time you could talk back to your radio, television, and newspaper. Take away the remote
control and crossword puzzle, and there is little to no activity. Interactivity is what the world craves. More people
text than call, e-mail before write, and many prefer to shop electronically. By making a website interactive
as well as functional, companies have learned to draw quite an audience by just a few fancy widgets on their website.

2 thoughts on “Web Advertising vs. Traditional methods

  • Well Tim, there are many different streams in which customers find services, just as there are many different types of people. Some are Extroverted ans some Introverted. While there are many whom only trust a brick and mortar type establishment for purchase, they must first be confident that your establishment is worth the trip. The web offers an advertising experience which not only pinpoints your customers questions and desires, but can also make them a part of the shopping experience as well. The web is becoming a way of life, and through companies such as Paypal, has become even more secure. The internet completely diminishes the overhead expenses of a storefront and customer satisfaction is completely automated eliminating the frustration of ongoing calls. Even warranty claims have become automated making the whole customer service department obsolete. The most important objective, is to see what the web can do for you by using it first and foremost as an information piece. Many people try to make a site that does everything and anything for them and find that they have wasted money. Advertise first, then when everyone tells you how much they love the site………Expand.

  • How can the web a truly untested measure offer more value than a true brick and mortar establishment. I have dabbled in the web but most of my customers don't even use their computers that much.

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