Web Marketing Pockets

Most to all web surfers utilize a select group of sites within their disposal.

Even though the web is vast and contains more options than we could ever use, our human tendencies and trust is focused on a group of 10 to 20 sites. When identifying your audience, it is equally important to identify their web surfing similarities. If I were a skateboarding fan for example: I would probably hit up a few popular skateboard sites, then maybe E bay for the hottest deals on new or used equipment. This pocket of common sites lends many details to the comfortability of my audience. Keep an eye on your Google analytics page and try to get a feel for which sites get the hit’s during retail madness times (Black Friday,etc.), Holiday’s, and keep advertising for free through your social media sites…….(Facebook, Bebo, Myspace, etc.)

Once you have pinpointed a few similarities among your audience’s favorite sites, make sure that your site shares similar comfortable traits (Security, User interaction) and capitalize with something fresh and new for your audience.
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