Google Ad’s Profit

How can I make a buck off Google?

I have a lot of people asking me what all the racket is about with 
Google ads on their site.

This is a common bonus offered by several do it yourself website builders that earns you a trickle revenue.
I say TRICKLE because that is exactly how fast and how much money you can expect to make. Google pays you a small
amount for every click on one of their sponsored ads on your site. Usually fractions of a penny per click, then sends you a
check once you have reached an amount of Oh say $30. This can be a gold mine if you have 100’s of sites and usually is not too
intrusive. They usually pair the ads with content that you have within your site. However, be careful with this as it is not
an exact science. For Example: If I have a site that offers web design for a price, Google will index me as a web designer
and put up ads for my competition right on my site, so it may not be advisable to take the risk. Businesses that have made a Cash
cow out of this are one’s which have a huge reoccurring marketplace.  

Job boards and active blogs usually do pretty well, as well
as sites which offer free interactive stuff for their clients such as websites or personal pages. Since they offer you a service, the
catch is usually placing a strip of Google ads at the bottom or side, therefore getting a piece of your entire captive audience all to themselves.

You can only imagine how many members they have, then multiply the number of members their clients pages have, and the
Google Cash register goes Caching!, Caching!, CACHING!
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