Technological Future and Business

  As technology seems to be getting larger and larger in the world, the devices which access it are becoming increasingly smaller.  This is a trend that I have spotted for several years and definitely one that I hope to dive deeper into in the near future.  As I am wrapping up my studies in the modern languages of XML, PHP, Javascript and the like, it is becoming increasingly obvious that cellular technology has taken the world by storm.  Devices such as the iPad were laughed at during their early grumblings of release due to a failed PDA market which was all but swallowed by the cellular phone market.  Truth is, convenience is king and the web has found a way to bring technology closer to you than ever before.  I have found a video which is listed below that offers a lot of truth despite it’s futuristic predictions.  Many experiments are being conducted involving materials which can sustain larger volumes of heat than silicon (the current best solution for microchips), and are therefore capable of putting more memory than the pentagons entire computer system at our fingertips.  Check out the video below, and please try not to drool at the many concepts offered which reflect recent technological achievements.

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