May 31, 2016

My Digital Experience

  As an entrepreneurial businessman throughout my career, I have mastered many digital marketing tools. This page contains a list of my current resume and related certifications for your review.  

From web design, to every bit of digital marketing that follows, my experience in the setup and creation of online business continues to grow.  My passion for developing successful websites will continue to keep both of our businesses ahead of the competition.

My Passion for Business

  Since my days as a “wee lad” in Pennsylvania,  I have served in the military, managed businesses, earned fancy pieces of paper (Degrees, Certificates, etc.), and developed countless businesses online for clients.

 Furthermore, and most importantly, I enjoy building new web projects!

  Each business project presents opportunities for an education in new marketplaces. I look forward to identifying profitable opportunities in theses markets while overcoming the challenges that arise within them.


My Certifications


Word Specialist (July 2011)

Excel Specialist (September 2011)



Analytics IQ (August 2016)

AdWords Mobile (August 2016)


Email Marketing (August 2016)

Inbound Marketing (October 2016)

Shaw Academy (CPD)

Blogging & Content Marketing (July 2016)

Social Media Marketing (July 2016)

Mobile App Development (June 2016)

New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices (October 2011)

Computer and Network Support Technician (October 2011)


A+ (July 2012)

Strata Green-IT (September 2011)

Northampton Community College

Business Modeling, Forecasting, and Research (November 2015)


Powerseller (March 2003)

Tools for Success

  My successful approach to your business plan, begins and ends with  thorough analytical research.  

  Using specialized tools like Google Analytics uncover the trends in your customer’s web browsing habits.  Once those habits are revealed, a road map of success for your business appears.  This method of research provides insights I developed through many years of industry experience.

  Perfecting these tools through further education has led me to the certifications listed below.  Feel free to check this page again, as I am constantly adding to this list.

  I am always happy to give my professional experience to support your next web project.  As I’ve stated before, I have a passion for learning new technologies.  


My Digital Marketing Expertise

  By developing your online business plan, I gain valuable insights into a new business and further develop my portfolio.  The habits and tendencies of each new business market is very different from one another, and someone who understands analytics can identify this for you.  

  Through my collaboration of projects throughout my career, I have learned to discover what truly makes each audience unique.  Web analytics provides a deep understanding of your site’s users, and by studying your user’s tendencies, we reveal a map of success.  This map displays the likes and dislikes of users engaging with your site.  Once we understand your customers, small changes can rapidly increase your marketing success.

Analytics is a powerful tool

My certified experience allows me to unlock your business’s full potential.  In order to keep up with your company’s success, you will automatically receive monthly analytics reports to support future marketing decisions.

Please, feel free to download a copy of my current resume for further review or contact me personally with any questions.

Brian P. Yount Cub Scout PhotoCurrent Resume

(Click Below to Download my current resume)