September 18, 2016

Graphic Design Services

Why you need Graphic Design Services

graphic design services  You’re probably asking yourself, Why do I need graphic design services?  After all, I’m sure your web pages are still bringing people in the door right?  But what if I told you that compelling graphics can not only bring them in the door, but if executed properly, educate, sell, and help to close your customers as well.

Recent statistics have shown that graphic design services, or more importantly, well designed graphics, will compel your audience to take action.

As an artist in both the fine arts and digital design, I can supply a number of graphic design services to add that personal touch for your business. Using Photoshop, InDesign, and other great programs, your brand can truly be established to show the services you provide.  The use of digital graphics has changed the way we produce images on the web dramatically.  Because of this revolution, I am able to develop images that directly relay your message through your online content.  The magic that these programs create is displayed for you in the gallery below.

Common Graphic Design Services

Logo Design

Logo design is one of my preferred graphic design services, and I take great pride in properly establishing your brand. Taking careful steps in truly representing your company’s message is the first pillar of any successful marketing campaign.

  Your logo represents who you are, and more importantly, what you do. Because this service carries so much weight with your audience, I leave no stone unturned. Together, we will create dozens of variations of your brand until we reach the design that ultimately speaks to your audience. Both through my personal designs, and the consultation of other designers, we aim to develop a brand that stands above your competition.

Web Images

Whether we are showcasing one of your key services, or creating “call to action” buttons for navigation, these images illustrate your business’s impact on your market.


By creating many variations of your information, we develop the right font, and the right size for your audience.  Using an endless library of font choices, we can make a comfortable balance that is easy to read, followed by a style that compliments your brand.

Color Balance

This is an important piece of the puzzle that requires an eye for style matched with the color wheel.  The psychology of color and the effects of certain hues to evoke emotion, are an important step in making your customers comfortable with your brand’s image.

Establishing a state of calm when needed, followed by the proper colors to show your calls to action, is a service that requires experience which is not commonly found.  Through hundreds of designs, and my formal education in Visual Communication, I have developed this ability.  The collaboration of your logo and the perfect balance of color, creates a powerful brand that inspires your audience.

Fine Art

As a painter and sketch artist from a very young age, I have developed many artistic skills throughout my life. I believe that my fine art background provides an edge to my digital graphics that many in the field lack.  Understanding perspective and shading before throwing a bunch of images together is important when trying to capture your audience visually.

My interest in artistic design is what brought me to the digital world of web design.  I love putting my imagination on paper and am constantly sketching my next big idea.  Feel free to browse my gallery below for graphic design services in fine art.

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