September 1, 2016

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

SEO image  Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fascinating field that I have continued to study closely over the past 10+ years.  My introduction to the art of SEO occurred when launching my first web business in 2003.  I began to notice increased traffic to my site after providing the addition of images and more information to certain pages.   Upon further review, I discovered several great resources that discussed methods of increasing rank and the science of web browsers.  As I dug deeper, I realized what an essential element it was to the success of online business and decided to pursue my knowledge in this field.

As a digital artist with extensive experience in web development and IT, I assumed that most problems businesses encountered resulted from flaws in their design. I guess I was both right and wrong at the same time.

Market Research

SEO market research  SEO involves research followed by an ability to take a walk in your customer’s shoes. It’s this part of the marketing technology that I enjoy the most. By determining what phrases your clients are commonly typing to find your services, I am able to deliver your website content in the language your customers understand.

Because of the advancements in SEO algorithms and ranking formulas, this trending conversation places your business ahead of your competition.  Once I am able to find the best conversations to have with your audience, then I place the most impactful keyword variations into your website to bring you more search engine traffic.  The Google Keyword Planner provides tremendous insights into customer behaviors, while their display planner gives me competitive references.  Furthermore, beyond the use of Google lies the competitive landscape that I learn from employees of the businesses themselves.

My Expertise

SEO ExpertiseAcquiring certificates in the latest Google technologies (Analytics, AdWords) has provided me with a deeper understanding of the top search engine (Google) in the land.  However, the true meat and potatoes of SEO comes from developing over 1,000 web pages for a variety of businesses.

Learning new business models and experiencing the a-ha moments of discovering successful marketing opportunities has provided me with a highly tuned expertise in this field.

Top Ranking Formula

SEO ranking formula“Content is king!”  This is the phrase of the new competitive landscape in search engine optimization.  After reviewing what phrases your customers most commonly use, it’s important to speak directly to them.

Providing the right material to engage your customers is extremely important.  Your digital marketing campaigns have a product to sell, and your customers have a need to fill.  The mediator between, is me. With my SEO ability, your digital content can offer the answer.  Through calculated research and execution, your content will supply a sales force that never sleeps.

Blogging and Social Media

SEO and Social MediaAfter researching key phrases and topics within your industry, blogs and social media give the fuel for sustained success.  With many certifications and implementations under my belt, I will be more than happy to offer my consultation to enhance your blogging and social media platforms.

These two elements attached to your website will keep your content in line with the latest trending topics.  Finally, in addition to making your content relevant, these new and emerging networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, will spread your products and services to new markets and opportunities.