September 16, 2016

Web Design Services

Web Design Hosting

web hosting image  As the essential first step in your web design process, I make the domain registration and hosting process easy.  Do you want to spend countless hours troubleshooting server issues with a 3rd party provider?  Neither do I.  

  After earning several certificates and diplomas in I.T. , I began hosting all of my client’s sites.  If you need hosting and domain registration, I offer these services for you.  This allows you to send one payment, and rest easy knowing all of your services are provided for.

WordPress Web Design

wordpress web design image  I have created numerous web design projects using the WordPress platform in order to provide a user friendly dashboard for you to update your site as needed.  

  Uploading images, blog posts, and new pages are all at your fingertips.  WordPress is the preferred method of design for Best Buy, Xerox, The New Yorker, MTV News, Sony Music, and many other well known brands.

Responsive Design

responsive web design image  It is very important to create a responsive design (Mobile, desktop, etc.) for your business’s successful marketing strategy.  Responsive designs adapt to any device that your clients use.  

  Using specific themes in WordPress enables us to create a website that offers the same familiar content to your users on all their preferred devices.  These sites look beautiful on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.  

  To create similar designs in the past, there needed to be multiple versions of your site for each device type.  With today’s’ technology in web development, we create an adaptable solution to handle all of your customers’ devices.  This mobile ready design will rank higher in the search engines while providing a better user experience for your customers.

Custom Forms

custom form image  After developing hundreds of custom forms, we will develop a form that answers many common questions to eliminate the need for long email chain conversations.

  Using drop down menus, buttons, and checklists, allows your customers to quickly narrow the scope of their requests to you.   These forms are also responsive to capture your customer’s information on any device they use.

Custom Email Addresses

custom email image  Have you ever had someone pitch their business to you and then tell you to contact them at  

  One surefire way to turn away customers is to give them an email address that’s not your own.  Using email addresses from your company domain is essential to gain your customer’s trust in your brand.  Once we buy your domain and set it up on the server, we will immediately create up to 10 email addresses for your new .com domain.

Video Implementation

Video implementation image

  Lets face it.  Not everyone sticks around to read the great articles that we spend hours to produce.  Some are just drawn to the pretty pictures.  Even more, many will pass on the content in favor of easier to digest formats.

  This is where video implementation is key.  Whether we use your video or a streaming service, video will often bring visitors back to your site for information.

  Using YouTube or other video streaming sites makes this process easy.  If you are in a business that provides many free resources on the web for your clients, then we will use this to your advantage.  As your customers begin to use your site as a tool for their specific needs, your traffic will grow exponentially.  Video is a tool that gets results.

Blogs and Social Media

  Shared content will expand your marketing reach.  By creating an in-house blog on your domain followed by your preferred social networks, we will create an ever-growing circle of advocates for your brand.


blogs image


  Blogs serve as a great representation for your brand as your personal voice in the industry.  Original content and stories about your company provides valuable information for people in your market.  

  These posts can then be shared on search engines and social networks to expand your customer reach into new profitable markets.  Incorporating a blog into your web design creates another great avenue for promotion.  

  This allows your site to contain fresh content that will produce better ranking results among the search engines.  We also offer services in content marketing education or new content creation services to aid your marketing efforts.

Social Media

social media image  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.  

  These social networks are a breeding ground for new and fertile markets.  Once we set up the social networks that you are most comfortable with, I will create a dashboard that allows you to share your content with the rest of the world to see.  

  You can then choose to post on these sites individually or have all of your blog posts appear on your social media with one click.  Incorporating these networks into your web design plan will give accelerated marketing results.  Social networks are a major part of our SEO plan for your business.

Optimizing for Speed

web design speed optimization  My grandma always said, “You get one chance to make a first impression”, and boy was she right.  Speed is very important when it comes to web design.  

  We can add all the information in the world for your customers, but if it takes too long to load your pages on their devices, they’re gone before you had a chance.

  Every image and function on your site must be optimized for speed in order to capture your audience at their highest level of interest.  My experience in graphic design provides me with a key understanding of the methods that are necessary when optimizing for speed.